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An update

Written by wolfr 05/02/2020

Hi everyone. It’s wolfr here. I am helping with Routify’s community.

It’s been about two weeks since we released the 1.5 version of Routify. You can read all about that in our previous blog post here.

Our release was met with a positive reception. We’ve had lots of people make the jump and give Routify a try, as evidenced by Github’s dependency graph which shows over 100 repos using Routify now.

We’ve also gotten some excellent bug reports, with pull requests and ideas coming in. Open source as it should be! In this post I would like to summarize what happened. Here’s some highlights:

There’s also some questions. The biggest question we get is how Routify compares to Sapper. The answer is a bit complicated, in the sense that it’s still being defined. On our Discord channel, we have been talking about a new project named Roxi. If you’d like to jump in on the conversation, make sure to check the #roxi channel.

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