Routify 3 public BETA is here! Check it out

Routify 3 BETA and Svelte Radio

Written by ghostdevv 09/25/2021

Routify 3 BETA

We are so excited to announce that the R3 BETA is finally here! Jake has been going insane on the codebase, and has implemented so many new features, and keeping all the old favourites too. The V3 beta site can be checked out here or by using the version switcher in the top left.

Do note that R3 is in beta and there is still a lot missing and not final, we do however have some WIP docs coming soon for everyone to see what’s going on!

Svelte Radio

For those who don’t know, Svelte Radio is an amazing podcast run by Kev, Shawn, and Antony. We featured in a episode recently and talked all about Routify 3 amongst other things, it’s really worth a listen. You should check it out here!

Thank You

Thank you for checking out this blog post, this was my first of many that we will have on the Routify site, please make sure to join the discord and follow us on twitter for more regular updates.

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