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Name Type Default value
debug boolean false
Show extra debug information
pages string ./src/pages
Path to pages folder
ignore array|string false
Files and folders to be ignored. The expected input is a glob pattern.
dynamicImports boolean true
Enable code splitting.
singleBuild boolean false
Don't watch for file changes.
noHashScroll boolean false
Disable automatic scroll to hash.
childProcess string false
Run npm task when Routify is ready.
extensions array
Included file extensions
routifyDir string node_modules/@roxi/routify/tmp
Output folder for routify temp files

Config locations

Routify can be configured in the following locations, ordered by ascending precedence.

Location Example Case style
package.json "routify": {"routifyDir": ".routify"} camelCase
routify.config.js module.exports = { routifyDir: '.routify'} camelCase
CLI npx routify --routify-dir .routify kebab-case

CLI Usage

For a list of CLI commands, run npx @roxi/routify --help

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