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File to URL mapping

In Routify, files in src/pages correspond to URLs.

index.svelte files corresponds to both / and /index


src/pages/admin/[business].svelte corresponds to /admin/:business, where :business is a parameter.

Excluding files

Files and directories prefixed with an underscore will not be picked up by Routify. (except for _layout.svelte and _reset.svelte)

Layouts and resets

Layout files are named _layout.svelte and apply to all adjacent and nested Svelte files. A file can have multiple layouts if multiple layouts are recursively present in parent folders.

Reset files are named _reset.svelte. They function like layout files but do not inherit the parent scope (layouts, props, etc.).

404 and fallbacks

404s can be caught with _fallback.svelte. The first _fallback.svelte that's found while traversing back through parent folders will be used.

Fallback inherits layout. In certain cases, the style position:fixed is useful for a fullscreen fallback.

By default Routify watches .svelte, .html and .md files. This can be changed in the config.

Please note that Routify doesn't parse markdown files.

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