Routify 3 public BETA is here! Check it out

Migration guide

Migrating from 1x to 2x should be straight forward. If you experience any issues, please give us a shout on Discord or Github. (Links in navigation)

  • @sveltech/routify is now @roxi/routify
  • routifyDir has been defaulted to .routify.
    • Option A) Update to import { routes } from '../.routify/routes' in App.svelte
    • Option B) Set routifyDir to node_modules/@roxi/routify/tmp/routes.

Feature migration

Your project may be affected by the changes below if you’re using the corresponding features.

  • $url() no longer treats pages as folders. If you’re using relative paths in a page replace the first ../ in $url() with ./.
  • $basepath was deprecated in favor of urlTransform.
  • $layout now strictly refers to the nearest layout and not the current component. In non-layout files $layout.parent should be $layout
  • Metadata is now evaluated as JSON and not JS.
  • The Routify rollup plugin, now has to be imported directly (import routify from '@roxi/routify/plugins/rollup')
  • Routify 2 uses code splitting by default. To disable, set dynamicImports: false.

Writing good documentation that is up-to-date is difficult. If you notice a mistake, help us out.